Return & Refund Policy

1. 当付款资料完整接收后,我们会在1-3个工作天内为您准备出货。届时,您将收到我们的出货通知。
It takes 1 to 3 working days to prepare your order to be shipped after we‘ve received your receipt of payment.
A shipment detail will be notified for your reference.

2. 快递服务的估计送货速度为 2-3 天,如在预期内未收到包裹,务必尽快联系我们。
It takes 2 to 3 working days for courier service to deliver your order.
Please kindly contact us as soon as possible once it takes longer than expected.

3. 当收到货品时,发觉有错误或损坏,欢迎在3个工作天内联系我们,以不退货与退款为原则,为您安排更换或补上。
If you find any mistake or damage after receiving the parcel,
please kindly contact us within 3 working days for replacement. The order is not refund and returnable.

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