MayTeck Tea Export & Import Sdn Bhd was established in 1996. Our main business is import trading of more than 10 types of quality tea from China. With a paid up capital of RM1.25 million, May Teck has ventured into corporatised operations and fully aromatic packaging to achieve quality control. While retaining consistent quality, full flavor, aroma and the right colour of our tea, we have achieved a breakthrough in the traditional tea leaf business coupled with attractive packaging to suit the needs of our consumers.

Chinese Tea has long been recognized as the top 3 main drinks in the world market and renowned as 'Green gold'. The main reason for its wide acceptance lies in its natural taste which does not contain coloring or flavoring. It is also regarded as a health drink and its great benefits include:

Prevention of cancerous diseases
Improved blood circulation
Refreshes the mind
Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
In order to minimize cost while achieving optimum quality to make tea consumption more affordable. May Teck’s purchasing representative personally attends to select the best teas during each harvesting season at China’s tea producing region. Tea leaves from high mountain regions are the favorite choice as it is geographical environment makes it a good reason for our choice of purchase.

In view of the popularity of tea consumption by people of all ethnic groups throughout the world, May Teck aims to increase its business reach worldwide. Within the next few years, we will develop the world market with the most advanced operation method and packaging process. Besides introducing Chinese tea to a wider and more varied population, we also hope to contribute towards the good health and well-being of all the people in the world

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